Affiche Vichy

Vichy is all about well-being and culture

Vichy, queen of the water cities but also a green and sporty city, and let's not forget a city of architectural elegance perfect for just wandering around.

Spa : all nearby, all different

  • Célestins Spa 5 minutes from the hotel 
  • Dômes' hydro Spa 5 minutes from the hotel 
  • The five worlds Vichy Spa 3 minutes from the hotel

Sports : Vichy, the city of all sports

  • Sporting Club Golf of Vichy : 18 cups/PAR 70/5390metres <1km
  • The Montpensier's Forest Golf ; 18 cups/PAR 71/6000metres<8kms
  • The sports hall of Vichy-Bellerive : one hundred sports available in a park of 200ha <2kms
  • Jogging around the Allier lake : 6kms 
  • Tennis at the Sporting-Club of Vichy : clay court, pool, restaurant <1km
  • Vichy-Bellerive nautical center : 3 pools : an olympic one, a play one and a training one + sauna
  • Nautical activities on the Allier lake : sailing,  jet ski, water-ski, rowing
  • Sichon's Horse show
  • Many sporting events : France Championship of rowing, Iron man, Wheelchair Championship, international Jumping, Golf Great Week of Vichy..

Chilling : just relax and soak up the culture 

  • Vichy's Opera has two seasons per year, more dramatic during the winter, and more musical in summer. 
  • The cultural center of Valéry Larbaud, more dedicated to variety shows, topical singers and also some shows for young people. 
  • The equipped beach of Allier with activities for children.
  • Accrobranche at the Bellerive bridge . 
  • Bike hire at the Napoleon park. 
  • The Museum of African and Asian Arts : collection of primitive objects brought back by the missionaries. 

Guided tour organized by the Office of Tourism 

  • Vichy, Capital of the French State from 40 to 44 
  • History of water, 2000 years of thermalism in Vichy
  • Vichy Art Déco
  • The other side, the backstage of the Opera
  • Second Empire, the Golden Age of Vichy
  • Opera Univers
  • Nature and sense, botanic stroll and historic in parks

Animations and Museums

  • The small tourist train in the City of Vichy
  • Vichy Racecourse : + 40 gatherings and many events
  • Two casinos with musical shows and dancing
  • Multiplex Cinéma with seven screens
  • Afternoon dancing in the spring hall