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Vichy Opera House

opera house vichy france

Vichy boasts, among other things, the only Art Nouveau Opera House in France.

Hotel Arverna is located just 700 m from the Vichy Opera House

Inaugurated in 1905, the building is the work of Charles Lecœur, where as the interior is the work of the painter Léon Rudnicki, an enthusiast for Art…

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The Hotel Arverna is next to the Vichy Spa centers

vichy les thermes

Vichy has been known for a very long time for its medicinal thermal waters, rich in bicarbonate and trace elements.

The Hotel Arverna is 700m from the thermal waters and spa centers

Romans in the Gallo-Roman times liked hot baths of Vicus Aquis Calidis - 'Village des Eaux Chaudes".  The…

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Vichy is all about well-being and culture

Affiche Vichy

Vichy, queen of the water cities but also a green and sporty city, and let's not forget a city of architectural elegance perfect for just wandering around.

Spa : all nearby, all different

  • Célestins Spa 5 minutes from the hotel 
  • Dômes' hydro Spa 5 minutes from the hotel 
  • The five…

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The history of Vichy and it's rebirth

ville de vichy

Due to its location the Arverna is the ideal place to stay and discover the charm and lifestyle of Vichy.

Vichy water and thermal spa treatments

Recognized for centuries for its beneficial waters, Vichy is built around hydrotherapy and thermal spa activities. From the second half of the…

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Trace the origins of the Bourbons

Heralique Bourbonnais

A lovely part of France to discover ... the Bourbons' birthplace. Administratively attached to the Auvergne region, the Allier is the birthplace of the Bourbon dynasty.

Before acquiring the name Arverna - latin name of the Arvernes Gaulish tribe - the hotel was named after a famous ancestor of…

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