Sustainable development

The Averna hotel Vichy has been interested in sustainable development for many years and wants to share those concerns with you. Lets act together to protect our environment !! What are our engagements and achievements ? How can we involve you in our responsible approach by simple behavior?

Joining efforts for better results 

Water and electricity consumption

In order to reduce electric consumption all our rooms are equipped with low consumption light bulbs. All our windows are double glazing for a good thermal and phonic insulation. The plumbing fixtures is provided with watersaver. We also privilege showers instead of baths in the bathrooms. 

Us :  Windows are double glazing for a good phonic and thermal insulation.
You :  Close the windows when the heating or the air conditioning is working.  

Us : Light bulbs are low consumption ones, with a good quality not harming your comfort. 
You : Think to switch off the lights when you leave the room. 

Us : Plumbing fixture is equipped with watersaver.
You : Favour the shower instead of the bath (50L/200L) and do not let the water flow when you brush your teeth or shave. 

Us : The linen is not systematically changed anymore for water consumption reasons. 
You : Put back linen and towel on the rods after use; or if you want us to change it, put it in the shower. 

Us : We are mindful of water leaks, and intervene as soon as possible.
You : Do not hesitate to tell us if you suspect a problem. 

Waste management 

In accordance with the Vichy environmental regulations, waste is sorted and put in yellow and black bags. The pickup occurs three times a week. Special trash like light bulbs or batteries are recycled by our local partner in recycling. 

Us : We  introduced the household waste sorting, prioritising 'eco-compatible' products. 
You : Help us by putting papers, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminium in the basket of the room near the desk. Choose the bathroom basket for all the other trash. Leave your old batteries at the reception.

Us : We removed some individual products like the bath soap or little bottles for bath because less packaging means less trash ! 
You : Just a little press on the bottle is enough