The Arverna Hotel Vichy before and now

When it was built, at the beginning of the XX century, the Arverna was named Hôtel du Grand Condé, in honor of a famous Bourbon Marshal, Louis II the Great. His victory over Rocroy caused Louis XIV many problems.

Like most hotels in Vichy, the Grand Condé hotel was built to welcome an ever growing number of visitors to the thermal baths. 

How the Hotel got its new name : Arverna 

Now let's talk about the name Arverna. Perhaps the name suggests something to you? Not necessarily easy to pronounce, I would have to admit !

The name was changed at the beginning of the 90s for ARVERNA, from the name of the Gaulish tribe the Arvernes, which gave its name to the region, the AUVERGNE.

If you read 'Asterix and Obelix' you may know the one named 'Astérix and the Chieftan's Shield'.

The Arverna today is managed by Didier Foliard and his wife

"My wife and I took possession of the hotel in 2003 and have been constantly updating and improving its facilities to make it a modern boutique hotel.

We are proud of the work we have done and our visitors make us feel good by the loyalty and trust they place in us. Today the Arverna is resolutely a hotel of the 21st century."