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Vichy thermal

What is cured in Vichy ? 

Vichy is known since a very long time for its digestive termal waters, rich in bicarbonate and trace elements.

Romans already at the Gallo-Roman time liked hot baths of Vicus Aquis Calidis, 'Village des Eaux Chaudes".  The originality of the Vichy cure is to treat two kinds of disease : rheumatology and digestive system problems. The cure is essentially based on drinking thermal water ou some thermal practices as the hosepipe shower or the immersion, mud utilization, massage, sweating ... 

vichy spa

There are two kinds of thermal water in Vichy :

The Cold Springs

  • « Célestins » Spring  - 22°. The less mineral and the "most drinkable" for the non-curist.
  • « Chomel » Spring - 27°. Used in drinked cure and known for its anti-allergic properties. 

The Hot Springs

  • « Hôpital » Spring - 34°, rich in anhydride carbonique
  • « Chomel » Spring - 43.5°, very fluoride and the most used because of its good acdeptance by patients. 
  • « Grande Grille » Spring - 39°, the most fluoride and very active. 

All those waters have a benefic effect on the pancreas, the colon, and on the manifestation of alimentary allergy. 

The Centre Thermal des Dômes has also developped a leanness cure with the thermal water and a dietary food of quality.

Fortunately, Vichy is not only visited for health reasons. The city is also well-known for the quality of its wellness care. The Celestin Spa is the bigger in Europe. The Vichy compagny exports its know-how in the whole world.  The famous Vichy shower with four hands massage will delight anyone using it !!