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Vichy, queen of water town - some history

Due to its location in the heart of the spa, the Arverna is the ideal place to stay and discover the charm and lifestyle of Vichy.

Recognized for centuries for its beneficial waters, the town is built around thermal activity from the second half of the nineteenth century in part with the support of the Emperor Louis Napoleon III. At a fast pace, Vichy has seen the development of hotel business to such an extent that on the eve of World War II, there were over 270 hotels. Vichy was certainly known for its waters but it was also the city of music, with these countless shows and concerts. People came from all over Europe and especially from Africa, the colonies ... Thermal Express fast train took  from Paris to Vichy and without stopping all the aristocracy of the time.

It is the quality and capacity of its hospitality industry who decided the sinister Government to claim the summons of Vichy. Hotels have become ministries, sub-secretariats, schedules ... The city was equiped from the thirties with the most modern telephone exchange at the time, a fast train for Paris, a strategic geographical position in the center of France and only 60kms from the line ...

After the war, Vichy rebounded with a new customer, hydrotherapy those supported by the newly created Social Security. However, the decline was inevitable with the ones of the French colonial empire, the profound changes in French society, the love of travel ... other times, other manners ... but the spa coped by focusing on the sport with equipments which make it now one of the first cities in France.

Today the city still hosts hydrotherapy curists but this is the health farm which has the wind in its sails now ... Vichy is equipped with the largest spa in Europe. The reception of numerous conventions and sporting events of national and international factors make Vichy remain attractive to discover.


Vichy is also a market town with its town center and hundreds of independent businesses that benefit from the special status of the spa town every Sunday to attract a loyal clientele who come from all over the region from Clermont-Ferrand, Roanne, Montlucon, Saint-Etienne.


The quality of its facilities, all close to the city center, is an asset that operates Vichy to attract new tourists. In summer, the spa every weekend is punctuated by a cultural, concert, theater, tournament Scrabble (link federation), bridge, Tarot, or a sporting event or festive Championship of France Rowing, golf tournaments, tennis, various sporting events on the water, jumping international week of trotting and galloping at the racetrack, Auto Classic Grand Prix de Vichy.